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Working scientifically

Image showing the Total Darkness logo in the night sky, with the main characters you will encounter during the game.
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Total Darkness game

When the power goes out, it’s time for action in our brand new game, Total Darkness.

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Treasure Hunters app

Turn your museum visit into a giant interactive game with our free downloadable app.

Screenshot of Selective Breeding video

Punk Science explain the difference between selective breeding and genetic modification.

Still from the Medical Trials video

Medical trials

Punk Science carry out their unique version of medical trials, showing how drugs are tested against a placebo.

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Pregnant man

Explore the social, medical and ethical implications of male pregnancy in a classroom discussion.

Still from the Healthy Living video
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Healthy living

Punk Science experiment on living volunteers to explore the brain chemicals that keep us healthy.

A collection of glass eyes made by Muller of Liverpool

Challenge students to find objects in the Who am I? gallery and discuss questions around genetics and the human body.

Screenshot from the InfoAge+ app

InfoAge+ App

Get more from your visit to the Science Museum’s amazing Information Age gallery.

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