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Working scientifically

A group of children and staff looking at an electronic device, as though using an app or playing a game as a group
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Treasure Hunters app

Turn your museum visit into a giant interactive game with our free downloadable app.

Building greenhouse gases activity

Discover which gases are greenhouse gases and how they affect Earth’s energy budget.

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Climate report

Find out the difference between weather and climate, and consider the impact of climate change on people’s lifestyles.

Learn about how the climate cycle has been affected by our use of fossil fuels since the Industrial Revolution.

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Powerful questions

Engage your students by linking topics they enjoy talking about with the content you need to teach.

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Getting everyone involved

Top tips to help you get all your students involved and promote an environment where everyone can participate.

Screenshot of Discussion formats resource video
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Discussion formats

A great way for students to explore the science that relates to their lives.

Mystery object
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Mystery objects

A great way to get students talking and thinking, and to encourage observation and questioning skills.

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