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Students using virtual reality in the classroom
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Google Expeditions

Take your students on a virtual school trip to a selection of galleries at the Science Museum, London.

The Materials House in the Challenge of Materials gallery

Students explore the Science Museum’s galleries and work together to choose an object for each challenge.

Still image from Punk science: nanotechnology video

Use this catchy song about nanotechnology to get your students buzzing for a classroom discussion.

Kit for Instant Ice Cream hands-on activity
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Instant Ice Cream

Explore changes of state in the tastiest way – by turning milk into ice cream instantly!


Magnetic Maze

Use a magnet to guide objects through a maze drawn on the side of a plastic bottle.

Still image from Lanchball computer game
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Spring your way through 30 obstacle-filled levels and create your own levels to play and share with friends.


Bubble Fun!

Explore mixtures and materials by making brilliant bubbles!

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