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Science News

Discover the latest science news from around the world, written by the Science Museum's Exhibitions team. Share the stories with your students to get a discussion started in your classroom.

We have teamed up with Year of Engineering to introduce a new set of engineering themed challenges in our object hunt app, Treasure Hunters.     Year of Engineering is a government campaign, aimed at celebrating the world and wonder of engineering with young people and getting them excited about the industry. Over the next few weeks the Science Museum Group will have a number of events to celebrate the Year of Engineering across all our sites, and we felt […]

An image of an exoplanet with a different atmosphere to our own. In the image, it looks various shades of green.

A team at NASA triggered a reaction between gas mixtures and plasma to re-create an alien atmosphere. Re-creating exoplanets’ atmospheres here could help us find signs of life.