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Spectacular Space trail

Lead your pupils on a trail exploring the space-related exhibits in our galleries.

Beagle 2, from the Exploring Space gallery at the Science Museum, London

Written as a tool for teachers and adult group leaders, each page presents a different exhibit, with information and activity ideas to help pupils discover more about the objects and the science behind them.

Using this activity

This resource has been designed to help teachers and adult helpers to guide their children to space-related exhibits in the following galleries at the Science Museum, London:

Print the trail—you will need one copy for each of your group leaders. You do not need to print one for your children.

Brief your adult helpers about how to use the trail.

Print off copies of the Museum map to help you find your way to the galleries featured in the trail.

No other pre-planning or equipment is required.

There’s information on each page to help you find six different exhibits, then use the questions and activities to encourage observation and discussion about the objects and the science underlying them.

The trail can be followed in any order, so you and your children can explore at your own pace.

This activity is designed to encourage thinking and discussion on the impact of science and technology on our everyday lives.

It supports the teaching of science with specific reference to the Earth and beyond, materials and physical processes.

There are also opportunities for cross-curricular links to history and social studies.

It is intended to be used with Key Stage 2 students.

Downloadable resources

Spectacular Space Trail (KS2) (PDF Document)

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