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See Link Wonder: a discussion tool for teachers

How do you bring objects to life? This short animation introduces a tool to spark discussion and train students’ observational skills.


Museums can feel like overwhelming places, and it can be difficult to know where to begin when you are surrounded by hundreds of different objects.

Our discussion tool, See Link Wonder, is a set of questions to help you and your group start thinking and talking about objects and images before or during a visit to the museum.

By generating discussion and creating links between objects, curriculum science and their everyday lives, your students will use important observational skills as well as gain the confidence to talk about what they see. Every students’ view is unique, and there are no wrong answers.

Don’t just use See Link Wonder in our museums, you can use it in the classroom, playground, or even back at home.

Learning outcomes

  • Use observation, discussion and questioning skills
  • Find and explore curriculum and personal links in museum objects