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Great Object Hunt: Waves and Communication

Find something that sends a message, something that can capture an image…

Great Object Hunt: waves and communication

Students explore the galleries and work together to choose an object for each challenge. This activity is designed to encourage discussion about how science and technology have shaped our lives.

Recommended galleries (Science Museum, London):

Using this activity

Time: 30-40 minutes

Groups: 3-4 students

You will need: an activity sheet and pen or camera per group

1. Tell students to explore the gallery and choose a different object for each challenge. They will need to work together and discuss their selection as a team.

2. If you have cameras, ask students to photograph or make a short film clip of their chosen object.

3. Allow 30 minutes to complete as many challenges as possible.

4. Ask each group to share what objects they have chosen and why.

  • Combine the clips from each group’s camera, add some music and show the films back in class.
  • Get students to do an object hunt at home or in their local area.
  • Use photos of object in your teaching to highlight the applications of science.

Learning outcomes

  • Make links between museum objects, curriculum science and their everyday lives.
  • Develop observation and communication skills.

Downloadable resources

Great Object Hunt: Waves and Communication (PDF Document)