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Climate report

This activity will help students both to understand the difference between weather and climate, and to consider the impact climate change can have on their and other people’s lifestyles.

The documents below explain how to run the activity and provide all the templates and materials you’ll need.

Using this resource

You’ll need to allow some time to make up the cubes before running this activity.

The activity lasts about 35 minutes.

Use the following documents to find out about the latest climate science research. The information is intended to support your own knowledge and help you answer students’ questions:

Curriculum links

KS3 Science: Chemistry – Earth and atmosphere

KS3 Science: Biology – Interactions and inter-dependencies

KS3 Geography: Human and physical geography

KS4 Science: Chemistry – Earth and atmospheric science

KS4 Science: Biology – Ecosystems

KS4 Geography: Supports work in the AQA, OCR and Edexcel areas of climate and the environment

Downloadable resources

Climate Report: teachers’ notes (PDF Document)

Climate Report: Australia 2011 (PDF Document)

Climate Report: Australia 2051 (PDF Document)

Climate Report: Russia 2011 (PDF Document)

Climate Report: Russia 2051 (PDF Document)

Climate Report: Costa Rica 2011 (PDF Document)

Climate Report: Costa Rica 2051 (PDF Document)

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