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Hands-on activities inspired by Wonderlab: The Equinor Gallery

Wonderlab description

App, Game
ks1, ks2, ks3, early-years

Treasure Hunters app

Turn your museum visit into a giant interactive game with our free downloadable app.

ks1, ks2

Rocket mice

Make a paper mouse fly like a rocket using a milk bottle and some air pressure.

Step-by-step instructions for science activities and experiments to do in the classroom or at home.

ks2, ks3

Pinball machine

Build your own pinball machine and use it to explore Newton’s Laws of Motion while challenging your friends!

Get creative with geometry by drawing lines on bottle tops and seeing what shapes you can make.

Put your engineering skills into practice by building a tall, strong tower out of spaghetti.


Bubble Fun!

Explore mixtures and materials by making brilliant bubbles!