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Explore museum objects in 3D

Get up close and personal with objects from Medicine: The Wellcome Galleries, and fuel your students’ curiosity about science, medicine and faith.

Using 3D objects in the classroom

Discover ideas for using 3D museum objects in your classroom and how to get the most out of object-based learning with our See, Link, Wonder tool.

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Leech jar

This jar was made and used between 1830 and 1870. It was used to store leeches – a kind of worm that survives by sucking blood from other animals.

This wooden statue was made around 1900 on the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, near India. It was known as a kareau or scare devil.

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Baby Weighing Scales

These baby-weighing scales, made around 1900, were used by health visitors.

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Acupuncture Model

This is a wooden acupuncture model made in Japan in 1681.

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