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This site brings together resources from our Museums, including activities, games and videos. Discover activities to support a range of curriculum topics for use in the classroom, in museum galleries and beyond.

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Image showing the Total Darkness logo in the night sky, with the main characters you will encounter during the game.
Digital, Game
ks2, ks3

Total Darkness

When the power goes out, it’s time for action in our brand new game, Total Darkness.

A group of children and staff looking at an electronic device, as though using an app or playing a game as a group
ks1, ks2, ks3, early-years

Treasure Hunters app

Turn your museum visit into a giant interactive game with our free downloadable app.

Kit for Instant Ice Cream hands-on activity

Explore changes of state in the tastiest way - by turning milk into ice cream instantly!

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Hardwicke Locomotive

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